We have experience installing and repairing lighting for individuals and companies across Glasgow

Interior and Exterior Lighting

Keeping your home or business well lit and safe is a necessity. We can help you achieve this with our over 20 years experience in installing and upgrading lighting systems in domestic and commercial properties across Glasgow.

We can help you with interior and exterior lights and are happy to advise you on the way forward if you aren’t sure. All of our solutions will allow your property to be up to date with all the current regulations. We can help you save energy too by transitioning your current lights to a cheaper and energy efficient LED altenrative.


Our Services


        – Install or replace security sensor lights

        – Replace or repair existing interior / exterior lights

        – Install or upgrade porch lighting

        – Upgrade to cost efficient LED lighting

        – Install new loft lighting

        – Not sure what you are looking for? Let us help


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